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Standing Army
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Over the course of the last century, the US has silently encircled the world with a web of military bases unlike any other in history. No continent is spared. They have shaped the lives of millions, yet remain a mystery to most. Featuring Gore Vidal and Noam Chomsky. Standing Army explores historical displacement of native populations, including Italy, on Diego Garcia (an Indian Ocean island) and the Middle East. The film posits that while the traditional definition of the term empire means possession of colonies, the foundation of an “American empire” is based on a worldwide network of military bases. While they used to serve as simple supply facilities in war-like conflicts, they are often formed in the aftermath of armed US interventions, raising the question if this is intentional strategy. The film presents various data and concludes with the theory of Chalmers Johnson, former CIA advisor, who believes this new type of imperialism contains a self-destructive recoil force that will lead to a medium-term decline and the ruin of the American position of power in the world.

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