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We Are Not Your Soldiers, a project of World Can’t Wait, is starting its eleventh year of bringing recent veterans of U.S. wars to speak in high schools and colleges. With the fascist Trump/Pence regime in power, the need to stop U.S. wars for empire against peoples around the world is more urgent than ever.

Contact us now to schedule a “We Are Not Your Soldiers” visit to your school, in any location, in any state!

As a veteran of the U.S. occupation of Iraq put it: “Don’t sign up.  You could lose not just your life, but your humanity.”

The U.S. military creates dangerous illusions through sophisticated print and film ads that turn reality on its head. Students need to hear, from someone with first-hand experience, what the real deal is. We present the moral issue of what the students will do with their lives – providing the context in which they can decide.

  • We Are Not Your Soldiers brings Iraq and Afghanistan-era veterans to classes. They may begin by telling stories of their time in the military or with a short video – such as  “Collateral Murder” which contains footage, released by Chelsea Manning, of the Baghdad killing of Reuters journalists. The presentation may include music or spoken word. In-service and post-service issues such PTSD, medical/psychological care or lack thereof and homelessness are also addressed, as well as the very high incidence of sexual abuse inside the military.
  • We Are Not Your Soldiers can provide a historical presentation with a Vietnam military resister and/or veteran or screen a film (on the U.S. drone wars, torture, etc.) and engage students in guided follow-up discussion.

Whatever option is selected, we work with educators to develop customized presentations. Presenters engage in discussion with the students and answer their questions. Students are free to raise issues, ideas and questions in an environment where each person speaking is treated with respect. We provide resources to both prepare for and follow up on our visit/s.  By thinking critically, students are able to integrate information from diverse sources.

We are working to keep this generation of youth from signing up to fight endless wars of domination, as part of a conscious movement to stop this trajectory.

The wars for empire continue and are at the heart of the flood of refugees risking their lives to escape the war zones of the Middle East and Africa. Many students will return to school with increased consciousness of the outright racism, homophobia and military threats presented by the Trump/Pence regime. That awareness should be built on to recognize why it is neither in their interests nor those of the people of the world for them to enlist.

  • If you are an educator, contact us now to arrange a visit to your school.
  • If you are a student, put us in touch with your teacher, principal or campus organization so we can come to your school.
  • If you are a parent, we’d love to work with you to interact with your child’s school.
Please pass this message on. Call us at 646-807-3259 or email us at wearenotyoursoldiers@worldcantwait.org now to arrange a fall visit!

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